Our first release, InshaAllah, will be the ‘Eternity’ album, an exciting compilation of various Sufi poets, singers, rappers and musicians, from across the globe; illustrating, that the love and light of the spiritual path has no boundaries.

These are some of the artists featured on the album so far, InshaAllah;

Shaykh Ali Elsayed (Lebanon & USA)

Ali was born in Lebanon. He moved to the United States in the early ninety’s. He comes from a family of Sufi scholars and Murshids. At the request of his spiritual master in the United States, Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, he started reciting traditional and classical Arabic songs in praise of Allah (Our Divine Lord), and of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh, His Mercy to humanity), along with Nasheeds sung in English, expressing the love and greatness of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

“I am very grateful for Allah’s Generosity with me. Not only do I get to accompany some of the greatest saints and holy men of this age (Mawlana Shaykh Nazim and his Deputy Shaykh Hisham), I also get to sing the praise of Allah and His prophet to audiences all over the world. Alhamdulillah!”


Antanukama (Mexico)

Bienvenido al mundo de sonido de Antanukama. La neuroplasticidad es la capacidad de cambiar mente, conducta y percepcion, reconnectar y crear nuevos circuitos neuronales a cualquier edad. La activación de sonido a traves de diapasones apoya este proceso y armoniza por ser compatibles con sonidos naturales, son amigables con la herencia biologica ancestral. Los diapasones trabajan directamente en el sistema nervioso, los músculos, tendones, esqueleto y órganos. La música con estas frecuenicas trabajo en el estado de animo y en la psique del paciente.


The Burdah Ensemble (Morocco & Canada)

The Sufi inspired vocal group, The Burdah Ensemble, was founded in 2009, in Montreal. The group is lead by Qari (Solo Hymnodist), Sidi Anwar Barrada, from Morocco, and a group of Muhibeen, of The Naqshbandi Sufi Center of Montreal (who hail from a plethora of backgrounds) giving the ensemble a unique flavour and style in the world of Sacred sufi music.

Their live performances include the ecstatic dance of The Haqqani Whirling Dervishes of Montreal, and the Nafas of The Naqshi Hadra Trance Circle.

This music is a journey, for each listener to travel along the different caravan trails that lead to the presence of the beloved. To kneel at the Beloved’s threshold and inhale  the sweet fragrance of the exalted Rawda (paradise garden).

The centre of this sacred music is the chanting in different Maqamat, for it is this that expresses the richness and nuance of arabo andalus and Near eastern music. Each Maqam is a semi improvised recitation of poetry experienced within a ritualized structure that oversees the application of melodies, structure, rhythm and the type of poetry. There are dozens of Maqams, and countless numbers lost in the sands of time. Each Maqam has a different spiritual character which conveys a mood, and the reciter must enter a state of deep spiritual exaltation, distilling the spiritual essence of the maqam, leading the listeners to states of joy and ecstasy and enraptured in a deep web of connection with the Musical Ensemble.



Forever Haqqani

Hamza aka J.Kas (Sheffield, UK)

British born entertainer, rapper, singer and songwriter J.Kas is ready to step onto the musical world stage. Having been honing his talent for the past 11 years, he is due to deliver his first musical production.

J.Kas has been compared to the likes of Talib Kweli, Jay-Z, and Kanye West. “Truly these are well recognised artists at the height of their game, I’m honoured” says J.Kas. Being British has not stopped him gaining support from his American cousins, who are hoping to get a little more of the young entertainer.

He made the decision to move away from ‘NoXcuse’ and continue making positive music in a time where the world can seem a very negative place. Being a very politically and socially aware human being, this certainly shines through into his music. If you crave ‘grown-man’ Hip Hop in a culture where rapping about guns and drugs while being auto-tuned is the norm, I wouldn’t go anywhere. You’re in just the right place.


Haqqani Rabbani Band (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Haqqani Rabbani Band is a fighter of love, armed with music and faith. Through the universal language of music, Haqqani Rabbani Band wishes to share love, a feeling that is actually present among us.

The expression of love “From Rabbani With Love” composed Haqqani Rabbani Band is based on Islamic historical poetry known as Shalawat or praises to Sayidina Rasulullah Muhammad SAW which is elaborated… in a more modern and flexible style, but also keeping the traditional elements identical to drumming beat, chanting, and ney.

Founded on March 2006, and launched its first album at the end of 2007, the band is formed out of love coming from our Teacher’s heart. The band is formed as a token of appreciation to all human and promote peace among the creation of Only One God.


Muhabbat Caravan and Shaykh Hassan Dyck (Germany)

Schon während seinem Musikstudium in Berlin (1966-71) begann Hassan Dycks Interesse an der indisch- orientalischen Musik. …. So verbrachte er ein halbes Jahr in Indien, um dort westlich-europäische Musik zu unterrichten und gleichzeitig mit Ustad Vilayat Khan zu studieren. Zudem trat er mit dem Delhi Symphony Orchestra auf. …. Im Jahre 2000 wurde Hassan Dyck Mitglied der italienisch-deutschen Formation Fanâ, die westliche Musik mit Elementen aus der spirituellen Tradition des Ostens verbindet und bei ihren Auftritten von einer Gruppe von «Drehenden Derwischen» begleitet wird. …. Hassan Dyck erzählt heute vor allem Geschichten (Sufi-/Derwisch/ Weisheitsgeschichten), wobei er sich selbst auf der Campanula – auch Cello d’amore genannt – begleitet. Dieses «erweiterte Cello» ist hervorragend geeignet für die Darbietung von ethnischer Musik.


Naqshi-Band (Munich, Germany)


Ottoman Empire Sound System (Germany)

The Band consists of four Muslim musicians living in Germany, with their origins from four different countries. This culminates into a very unique blend of music the like of which has never been seen before. There is something for everyone from every background to absorb and taste the sweetness of spirituality at its core.

Although, the Ottoman Empire Soundsystem reincarnated not so long ago they have already been crowned with success. They have been on tour in England at The Synergy Centre, London, for the Spiritual Indoor Music Festival 2009 and more recently Bristol and the Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury where the audience received them with genuine warmth.

Colourful like the ancient Ottoman Empire, which spread from Hungary to Algeria, the Ottoman Empire Soundsystem reflects this melting pot in their music, playing a wild mixture of Reggae, Skaa and World Music. Joyful Faces and warm hearts are guaranteed during their concerts. The conquest has just begun, but not with swords, rather with love through hearts and souls.


Peace and love movement

Pearls of Islam (London, UK)

The Pearls of Islam consist of two young female ladies, both coming from an African-Caribbean background, their goal is to spread the love of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and Allah not only increase the love in their own hearts but to others, therefore showing and spreading the true essence of Islam.

The girls have been performing as the Pearls of Islam for four years, and within the four years it has taken them to many places, they have performed events in the Netherlands, Norway and Germany. They have also been blessed to perform all over the UK from Manchester, Bradford, Birmingham, to London, Slough, Liverpool, Oxford, Luton and many more. Their use of traditional instruments such as the dumbek the djmebe and more recently the guitar accompanied with either rap, poetry or nasheeds, allows them to be creative in creating a unique sound of conscious music, suitable for all, whether Muslims or non-Muslim.

Their music has allowed them as female performers, to represent the misconstrued Muslim women. Each piece they perform has been worked on individually and expresses the love for Allah (SWT), His religion , His beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), life and of course their spiritual teacher, Shaykh Muhammad Nazim. We Hope that this is only the beginning of Pearls Of Islam.

Keep the Pearls in your prayers Masalam

Much Peace and Light


Sultan Hu (Cardiff/Wales)

Sultan Hu is an up and coming new Sufi folk band consisting of Ishmael Ali and Hussain Khan. Their music comprises a mixture of Arabic and English lyrics accompanied by guitar, African hand drums and percussion. The music has traits of traditional nasheeds fused with modern contemporary folk style, to give a unique fresh sound of reflection and contemplation.

Ishmail and Hussain have known each other since 2001, meeting up regularly for dhikr gatherings lead by Shaykh Shahid, Hussain’ father, in their local region of Carmarthen Wales. The regular gatherings sending praises to God and blessings upon his beloved prophet, established their root and inspiration to build upon. At these gatherings they would sing traditional nasheeds and salawats, and it was from there that they began experimenting and trying new material.

In April 2007 they were invited to play at the One Somerset festival along side such acts as the accomplished sitar and tabla duo, Tapan and Simon. Since this success they have gone onto perform at a number of venues in the South West including Glastonbury music festival, Cardiff and Newport mela, Ramadhan Radio and Bristol Cultural


Shaykh Yassir Chadly (Morocco, USA)

Born  in Casablanca, Morocco, Yassir Chadly has made the USA his home since 1977 and has been performing and recording Moroccan music here since that time.

He is a gifted musician of many traditional Moroccan instruments including the oud, gimbri, karkabas, darbuka,

His innovative style and distinctive  personality has led him to collaborate with many American Jazz artists including  Pharoah Sanders, Steve Coleman and Randy Weston. He has also recorded and performed with Cuban artist Omar Sosa, digeridoo master Stephen Kent, bluegrass musician and Buddhist activist, Alan Senuake, Hamza Lila, The Mo’Rockin’ Project and Funky Blues musician Taj Mahal . Recently he has composed and performed music with the bay area Flamenco artist Kerensa DeMars and Flamenco gypsy singer Kina Mendez.

He has composed and performed Moroccan music for Alonzo King and Lines Ballet Company of San Francisco, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, The North Carolina Dance Theatre ,The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV show and in 2006 was a featured performer with Philip Glass and his ensemble at the Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco for the West Coast premiere of The Qatsi Trilogy.


Yusuf Misadaq aka Yoshi (Afghanistan & USA)

Yusuf ‘Yoshi’ Misdaq is a multimedia artist born and raised in Brighton, UK and currently living in the United States. His new LP/DVD is scheduled for release in Spring 2010. He has Afghan blood, English roots, an American smile and a Muslim face. He sounds like no other artist that exists. His music began (and continues) as experimental Hip-Hop and electronica, however now he incorporates singing, folk music from around the world, and his trademark re-appropriation and re-interpretation of the most interesting, deep sounds on this pill-anet. His music draws upon the human experience as well as the Source. Oceans.

“My work has been featured on NPR in the USA, as well as BBC (TV & Radio) in the UK, and my music favorably reviewed in The WIRE, Hip-Hop Connection, The Source, and many others. My first novel was published in 2007, and continues to sell respectably and healthy. Sales are healthy and respectable. Sales are dignified and courageous. Everything is raw and real. People are a part of my world. This life is short, be happy. Yoshi.”


Yusuf Silmani aka Chico (Morroco, UK)