Eternity CD

After the blood, sweat, tears and love over the many many many moons, the Eternity Cd was finally released at the Liberating the Soul event in Euston friends House with Shakyh Hisham as a guest speaker. The 26 track double cd is the first project of TRP and upon release has received an array of positive reviews and feedback, Praise be to the Divine !!!. The CD brings together a beautiful mix of spiritual song, poetry and rap from around the globe, it takes you on a journey from the traditional praises of Singapore and Morocco to the soulful sounds of the Spanish guitar in Mexico and there is even time for a quick stop to the streets of Sheffield and Haiti for some uplifting bars of rap. The CD is a musical testimony that spirituality and divine love is not limited to genre, language, culture, gender or anything at all. Music from the heart will play to the heart and the high calibre artist and their sincerity and talent is hard to match. And just when you thought it couldn’t get better you realize the cd is in support of newly established spiritual learning centre in London. Check out one of thereviews of the CD, and to purchase the cd and some music for your soul, buy it here now.

Artists Such as…

Bob ,Fish, Head,anmd many more